cranel imaging partner: ambir technologies


Ambir Technology, Inc. is an industry leader in digital capture, paperless forms, signature and document management solutions. Combining professional-grade ID card and document scanners, paperless forms tablets, signature pads, unique digital imaging software and expert-level customer service, Ambir provides their customers with comprehensive, enterprise-level business solutions.


Specializing in the healthcare, legal and financial sectors, Ambir helps organizations reduce costs, increase productivity and strengthen data security. 

Our portfolio includes: 
• Document scanning solutions 
• ID scanning solutions 
• Paperless forms solutions 
• Signature capture solutions 
• Custom imaging solutions


nForm® is a solution that eliminates paper forms and provides privacy with no disruptions to existing paper form based workflows. nForm uses PDF, Microsoft Word, JPG, TIF, BMP or PNG versions of existing forms without modification or redesign. nForm eliminates paper printing, scanning, handling, storage and shredding costs. In most cases, you can install nForm and be up and running using your current paper workflow in less than 30 minutes. The only difference is no more printing and scanning.