cranel imaging partner: cvision


CVISION Technologies, Inc. creates software to optimize the accessibility and processes associated with document capture. CVISION offers the best in file compression, recognition technology and PDF workflow applications. Through superior PDF and document accessibility and optimization, CVISION revolutionizes the paper to digital transformation process, allowing customers to be one step closer to a truly paperless environment.



PdfCompressor is a high-powered PDF optimization solution for any document capture environment. PdfCompressor 6.0 is designed to optimize PDF documents, making them smaller, faster, more accessible and easier to process. With best in class OCR & dramatic file compression, PdfCompres­sor 6.0 not only integrates with existing workflows, but improves them by producing significantly more manageable files. PdfCompressor enables organizations to reduce storage costs, (cloud or premise based) while creating image documents far more efficient to email, access, transmit. PdfCompressor is used by thousands of organizations worldwide.