cranel imaging partner: kodak alaris
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​Kodak Alaris  Document Imaging Products and Services business continues to be the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and sales of high speed capture devices and media, micrographics equipment and support services for customers who manage, merge, share and store images and information.


ScanMate i1150

This scanner is designed for use in customer-facing business transactions. Employees using these solutions are typically interacting with customers and need to keep the transaction moving to reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction. Recognizing that a majority of transactions involve 10 or fewer documents to be scanned, the  ScanMate i1150 features a special transaction mode, enabling 60 percent faster capture speed for the first 10 pages. Benefit from an intuitive, icon-based color interface. Take advantage of associated cost savings. Small, quiet, quick, and intelligently designed, the ScanMate  i1150 Scanner accelerates your processes with seamless technology so you can focus on your customers.
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