cranel imaging partner: panasonic
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Panasonic Digital Document Company’s high-performance scanners are engineered for efficient and convenient storage of your documents. Designed for a multitude of imaging applications, a Panasonic scanner will help your business run smoothly and efficiently. From check or receipt filing, to scanning onion skin or card stock, a Panasonic scanner will tackle even your toughest imaging challenge.



The KV-S2087 scans at a speedy 85 ppm/ 170 ipm. This allows it to quickly convert
order forms, invoices, sales reports, and other large-volume documents in various sizes and thicknesses into data.Featuring the same speed and durability as an A3-size scanner, the KV-S2087 relieves the office staff from much of the bothersome work of scanning.
Panasonic-BTS-KV-S2087-Workgroup-Color-Document-Scanner-img3 (1)