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Panasonic Digital Document Company’s high-performance scanners are engineered for efficient and convenient storage of your documents. Designed for a multitude of imaging applications, a Panasonic scanner will help your business run smoothly and efficiently. From check or receipt filing, to scanning onion skin or card stock, a Panasonic scanner will tackle even your toughest imaging challenge.



At 95 ppm/190 ipm with a 200-page ADF, the Panasonic KV-S7075C is the industry’s fastest flatbed scanner.  Automatic ADF/flatbed scanning consecutively scans ADF and flatbed documents in one simple operation.  The flatbed simultaneously scans various sized documents such as checks, ID cards, and business cards in one pass.
  • KV-S7075C:  95 ppm/190 ipm


The KV-S3105C high-speed scanner has advanced image enhancement technology, which optimizes scanner performance and can produce digital image quality that may be superior to the original document itself, by utilizing features such as MultiStreaming and Multi-Color Drop-out.
  • KV-S3105C: 105ppm/190ipm 


This scanner can quickly convert a large number of documents into electronic data, so it provides smooth usage even in offices with many users. Scanning documents into data makes it possible to consolidate information, which improves work efficiency. And it lowers the cost of handling documents and reduces the space needed to store them.
  • KV-S1065C: 60 ppm/120 ipm

KV-S5076H and KV-S5046H

The KV-S5076H and KV-S5046H high speed color document scanners offers advanced hardware image processing a feature not offered by the competition. This feature utilizes the scanners onboard CPU to handle core image processing functions and the benefit for the user is the ability to maintain the same productivity speed when scanning at a 200 or 300 dpi setting. Scanning at speeds of 80ppm to 100 ppm, these scanners additionally support auto preview and auto rescan functionality; two distinct Panasonic features that set Panasonic apart from competing models.


Virtually any type of document, from business card size to legal size, from thin onion skin paper to thick hard ID cards, single sided or double sided, the KV-S1025C can scan them all in color or black and white. 
  • KV-S1025C:26ppm/52ipm 


The KV-S3065CW/L high-speed color scanner incorporates exceptional features and performance into a powerful, robust scanning solution. The KV-S3065CW/L model is designed to handle documents from business card to ledger size as well as long document scanning up to 183 feet. 
  • KV-S3065CW/L: 65ppm/120ipm 
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