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Access Releases Latest Version of Formatta Web-Based, Paperless Forms Management Software

11/10/2014 01:37:06 PM

Formatta 8.9 Includes New Web Services and Workflow Enhancements That Bolster Company's Powerful Enterprise-Class Platform

Sulphur Springs, Texas (PRWEB) November 03, 2014--Access today announced the release of Formatta 8.9, the latest version of its leading web-based, paperless enterprise forms management platform. The release includes web services autofill integration and managed URL features plus a forms workflow enhancement. Formatta technology empowers organizations in all industries to:
  • Design and create electronic versions of paper forms easily
  • Publish e-forms and manage updates quickly and securely
  • Organize and administer all enterprise e-forms in one place
  • Access and approve e-forms using virtually any device
  • Complete e-forms online or offline and submit them anytime
  • Authenticate and sign e-forms officially without paper
  • Distribute e-forms and notify others as part of any process
  • Output and integrate e-forms and data with other systems

“With Formatta 8.9, organizations can deploy powerful e-forms that use data from web-services-enabled applications to automatically fill in form fields, lists and other elements,” said Access CEO Tim Elliott. “So while users across the enterprise benefit from being able to complete forms in record time wherever they are, business processes are transformed because data collection is more secure, consistent, unified and 100 percent paper-free.”

Release Highlights
Formatta 8.9 strengthens its enterprise-class platform with web services functionality:
  • Integrating e-forms with third-party systems, like ERP, ECM and other business applications, is faster, easier and more secure.
  • Data can be pulled from any third-party system that is open to web services into Formatta e-forms — cutting form completion time, standardizing form answers, and incorporating data from multiple systems into a single e-form.
  • Custom URLs that users click to launch e-forms can be controlled and secured to ensure that sensitive information is never passed through.
  • An intuitive setup speeds and simplifies the implementation of web services features.

Formatta 8.9 enhances enterprise business workflow processes that require forms to be distributed electronically to a group of people for action or approval:

  • E-forms can be locked to ensure that only one user is able to make updates at a time, protecting the integrity of the content and creating a linear record of actions.

“Connecting with third-party systems and databases has always been a strength of our enterprise forms management platform,” said Access CTO Chuck Demaree. “But this and subsequent releases will take our e-forms integration capabilities to unmatched levels of flexibility and scalability using an industry-standard web services approach.”

About Access
For more than 15 years, Access has developed electronic forms management solutions that eliminate the unnecessary expense, risk and inefficiency of paper forms. Our 100 percent paperless technology enables organizations in any industry to capture, manage, sign and share forms data without printing or scanning. Learn more at and help Access’s partner The Last Well bring clean water and the Gospel to Liberia at

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